your guess is as good as mine

The cold continued this morning with 9 below and still no new snow. Its up to ten now in Frederic, the one thing that has changed is that at 4 yesterday two riders rode their sleds into here and they were the first ones since sunday. Also this morning there have been a few people in here including a trailer load of people from Toledo who were heading up to Brimley. I didn’t get here till 10:15 as Thursday mornings are our Century 21 office meetings and I didn’t think I would be missing to much action here in the metropolis known as Frederic. I did a drive thru at the motels this morning and there was one trailer at the Ramada. The weather prediction for this weekend is who knows what is going to happen. It ranges from rain to ice pellets to snow and high 30s. So is that going to scare people off or are they going to risk it and come anyways. I don’t know the answer to that but I can tell you late┬áSunday afternoon. I think with all the snow downstate and the cold everyone either dug their way out or stayed holed up. I still have only about ten miles in myself and am hoping for a ride soon. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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