your guess is as good as mine

Your guess is as good as mine on what will happen for this coming weekend. It was very sunny yesterday and the snow did settle a lot and became pretty squishy. There were a few sleds out and about. Today I am going to be one of those sleds that’s out and about. Jim and I are heading up to Cheboygan and going to try for the black lake loop up there. It is already 28 degrees out and its 7 a.m. and the forcast still scares me for the next couple days. All we can do is wait it out and see how things go. A couple days ago I heard about a guy that rode off the north end of bois blanc island and rode over to mackinaw island. NOT A SMART MOVE!!! The ice cutter goes thru there everyday. To top that off he had his kid with him on the sled. The islanders directed him to ride back to st ignace and take the trailer back across the bridge. Then last night on the news they had a story telling people not to be riding out there. You need to know where and what area you are riding in, ice is a very dangerous thing to deal with. I know I talk about it a lot but I assure you before I ever venture out on the ice I talk to people to make sure people have been crossing and what the conditions are.  I am putting a picture below of a ship passing under the mackinaw bridge that was taken on February 10. Before those ships go thru the ice cutter goes thru to open it up for them. You know I have talked on here about the fundraiser for our local movie theatre and I think they are going to make their goal. They have now raised over $90,000 and still have ten days to go. So thank you to many who donated on behalf of the community of grayling. That’s it for today as I am getting dressed and heading to Frederic for a hopefully great day of riding. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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