Yes Jesus Loves Me….

Yes Jesus Loves Me, this I know because yesterday he sent me two snowmobile angels. Luke & David from Sunfield, Michigan from down by Hastings came in. They had pulled into the lot with their trailer and asked me where they should go and ride. Well I figured the best way to tell them where to go was to take them my self. I keep saying this each day that its over but the snow was still darn good yesterday and it didn’t get as warm as it was supposed to. We took off from here hitting some two tracks where there was still 8 to ten inches of snow and on to trail 7 where we made the loop to trail 79 and then 679 back to Frederic. A very nice 40 mile ride before we went to lunch at the Frederic Inn. After lunch they headed out for another ride and I came back to work…..We never saw any other sleds and I would say you could do the same ride yet again today. Starting tomorrow the temps are supposed to head way up….So maybe its over…or maybe its not, only time will tell. Thanks for checking in. Pete

T intersection @ trails 7 & 79, 4/11/16, Sledheads of Frederic

trail 7 @ old 27, Sledheads of  Frederic , 4/11/16

trail 7 @ old 27, Frederic , 4/11/16

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