yes I am still alive

Well its summer and time getsa away from me. I have been meaning to get on here but just havent made it. After I got a message from my friend SAK in north carolina wondering where I was I decided I better hop on here. Frederic had a music festival in the park over the weekend and they had many bands and a good turnout for it. I was only there for a little bit early in the afternoon as Cathy and I took the camper down to Merritt speedway for the night for some racing action. That was the second week in a row that I was there and the last time I was there before that was when I snuck my friend in in the trunk of my 1976 Vega and that was about 1979. We have been wanting to go there for quite a while. Last week Moshiers Garage in Grayling burned up. That too used to be one of my hangouts in the late 70s. I will put some pics below here. I see we are coming up on the 500,000th hit on the counter so the first one to me with a picture at the 500 k mark gets a night at the Grayling Ramada and a Sledheads sweatshirt. Thanks for chcking in. Pete

100_2586 100_2590 100_2591 100_2592 100_2594 100_2595 100_2600

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