Yee Hah…The 2017-18 sled season is here


m 72 west parking lot near lake Margrethe


Yee Hah…The 2017-18 sled season is here. It took me a while to get on here today but here we are, the day we have all been waiting for. Trails are officially open. I took all the pics below this morning and from the sunshine that is out there today and the looks of things I think we will be lucky to be riding in the next few weeks. The trail along M 93 is pictured below and a swamp as usual and that will take a long time to freeze up. The gate was still closed there too. (not like we really need it). So as has been the case the past few years the waiting game is on. I wish I had better news than that. I am not going to post everyday until something happens that is worth telling but you can be sure that I will be on here when it does happen. Thanks for checking in and Please remember to ride safely. Pete


jet ski trail on m 93 near Tinkers Junction


m 93 crossing by Margrethe blvd


open the gate so we can ride but snow would be nice



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