WTF, Welcome to Frederic and here we are finally at the official start of the long awaited 2017 sledding season. Kinda looks like we are going to get short changed once again. Things sure looked good last week when we actually had a few inches of snow on the ground but that wasn’t destined to last to long. It was a beautiful day on the 30th with 48 degrees out and just a great time to do things outside. This is the start of my 20th season of doing these trail reports. Wow that went by fast, Since I started here in 1997 the global warming thing seems to be hitting us more each year. Everyone always asks me what I think the winter is going to be like and my standard answer is I will tell you in April. We need some major snow chanting. The weather forcast for the next week seems to be mostly 40s. On the other hand I finally got trail permits in on the 30th so if your ready to spend your $48 for the permit I have them. I’m not getting mine till we get snow. I am not going to do a daily update until we start getting snow but rest assured if anything of any significance happens I will jump on here right away. Thanks for checking in and I want to hear a lot of MO MO NAH CHEE CHEE NAH’s going on out there. Petewtf-frederic


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