Wow, what an incredible day of riding

Wow, what an incredible day of riding yesterday. Jim and I headed out from the trailhead just west of Cadillac yesterday, the route to Baldwin wasn’t exactly as planned but it was still picture perfect, we dropped southwest out of Cadillac on flat as a table perfectly groomed trails to Tutstin, then south down to US 10 about 14 miles east of Baldwin where we picked up trail 30 the rail trail that runs forever, still groomed perfect, and we came up on something I haven’t seen before a massey ferguson groomer. We made it into Badlwin and with an hour to spare before I needed to be there. Bob and Linda got there about then too and joined us for lunch. Below I am pasting a picture of the proud new owners of their home in Idlewild after the closing as we are posing with Sledheads glasses. Linda said she wouldn’t sign for the house unless she got a sledheads glass. So I guess the moral of the story is if you buy a house from me you even get a sledheads glass. Earlier in the day the way my brain works I figured things are so great and conditions so great that instead of riding back to the truck in Cadillac lets head for Grayling instead. So we were off back down the rail trail 30, still perfectly groomed and we ran that all the way past Evart to Lake which was about 40 miles, then the hard part came, even though it wasn’t that hard it took some doing. It involved a lot of ditch banging but the roads were covered pretty well. It seemed like it took us forever to get to Harrison and then forever to hit the Houghton lake trail system but still great trails for Houghton lake. Trying to follow my gps on my sled which has all the sled trails on it my sled was like a coney sniffing snowmobile as we came out almost at Joes Coney Island across from Hackers in Houghton lake. By this time it was dark and darn if Joes wasn’t closed already. We filled up with gas and took the lakeshore down to Holiday on the Lake where we headed towards Higgins lake past the silver dollar and back into the grayling trail system. After five and a half hours of riding I was back home with the odotmeter at 188 miles….I LOVE IT>>>>  So my friend Johnny works in Cadillac most everyday and he said he would give me a ride back to my truck today….but I am thinking heck I just might ride back there. I still have my century 21 meeting to attend this morning so I will have to see how things go. More later on…and here is a pic. Thanks for checking in. Pete

bob and linda

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