Wow What a Saturday, but here comes the roller coaster

I have to say that I havent seen that many sleds in town as yesterday in a long time. Its good to see that with the right conditions sledding is still alive. It was a nice day out with comfy temps but more sun than I would like to see. There were some huge groups in here and its been steady all this morning in here too. 3 different people have come in looking for the beagle and I left her home this morning…Haley decided to come up yesterday and sell coney dogs off the coney wagon and she had fun doing that but when we finally left here last night about 8:45 we were heading south out of here and a guy leaving the frederic inn from the side street went right thru the stop sign and I hollered for Haley to hold on and whamo…..caught him broadside in the passenger door with my plow, nobody hurt, but the beagle got slammed up under the dash and Haley said she was shaking pretty good from that. I checked on the older couple and they were fine and I called 911, I told them to send a car up but that this wouldnt be as exciting as what happened last week in frederic……I need to smash up my truck so I can get a new one not my plow…..I have the plow in the back and it bent one of the power ram cylinders and I think that is the only thing wrong so I took it apart and will hopefully get it back together tommorow….I dont think I have ever had as many trucks parked in the rear parking lot as yesterday, It was full and is pretty full again today. Its now been several hours since I started this so I will put some pics below here I took yesterday. I havent checked in on the Darkside guys to see how thier ride went yesterday. Thanks for checking in. Pete101_1744 101_1742 101_1741 101_1740 101_1738 101_1737 101_1736 101_1735 101_1730 101_1731 101_1732 101_1733 101_1734 101_1728 101_1729

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