Wow , we really were slammed with snow

Wow, we really were slammed with snow, it just kept coming yesterday and I would say we probably had a good 15 inches here in Frederic. It snowed so hard most of yesterday it made it hard to see but the riders that were out in it were having fun. Its now almost noon and I haven’t seen a sled yet today which kind of surprises me. I have moved an awful lot of snow in the past couple days. I forgot to mention in yesterdays report that I had checked the trailer counts and there were still 29 at the Ramada and only 1 at the Days Inn and that supports the fact that this past weekend was the busiest in a long time around here. I 75 was closed I think 2 or 3 different times yesterday. You can always tell because that’s the only time traffic is heavy in Frederic, you don’t often see a bus go by here or semi trucks. Also had a visit yesterday from the Snow Princess and her King, Jeff. They always used to ride with Hard of Hearing Mike and the Snow Bunny Sandy but it seems that they like the¬†warmth now more than riding sleds. It was good to see them. ¬†Well when I woke up this morning first thing I said was “I’m 59 and looking fine”, wow that seems so hard to say 59. I was just 40 when I started this place and boy that time has flown by along with my best birthday present ever of our daughter Melissa who turns 23 today too. And as timing would have it I received a package from my Mexican friend and his bride in California this morning. A can of bacon spam along with some type of real Mexican refried beans. I will have to try that stuff out. He also sent me a Harley vest that was his dads…..too bad I cant even get it close to snapped together. Must be a small xxl. Thanks for checking in and Please Ride Safely. Pete IMG_9988 IMG_9989 IMG_9991[1]IMG_9986


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