WOW Do we have the snow!!!

Wow do we have the snow!!  You wouldn’t believe the piles I have out here, I plowed most of yesterday and now am doing it again and to boot we are supposed to get hit with winter system snow tonight…..Grayling groomers hit everything but Hanson hills last night and that is getting done today. Its just amazing how fast it has turned. The past 2 days have been blustery and really to cold to handle but today is perfect, no wind and 15 degrees. So it looks like we are off and riding. Pics below are from Frederic Inn last night, my snow pile out front this morning and a couple new shirts I just got in for Sledheads 20th anniversary and there are more colors of them too. Here is a link to a story tv 7 and 4 ran yesterday about sledding in and around area Winter is Here, time to ride (tv 7 & 4)img_2978img_2979img_2982img_2983    Thanks for checking in. Pete

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