Winter is on the downhill slide….

I have been here this morning but was working on putting my video together from yesterdays ride. A couple guys stoppedn in here from Bay City and had rode up from Grayling and I was just thinking about going myself so a few minutes later we were off for my first ride of the season. We found 8 to 12 inches in most of the fields we hit that was all untouched snow. I was shocked at the amount of trees that are really down on 2 tracks. Its going to take all winter and summer to get those cleaned out. If you are going to ride 2 tracks you have to BRING YOUR OWN SAW. One of those folding saws is great to have and it was way to much work. We turned around plenty of times too because we just couldnt get thru. All in all it was a fun nice ride for 27 miles and we were never more than a few miles from the shop here. We did cross the regular sled trails a few times and they were looking pretty ugly and brown, not a place I wanted my sled. The wait is on for winter to come back to us. Here is a link to my new video. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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