Winter is here finally! (hopefully to stay)

Its snowing and blowing still outside here in frederic and running about3 degrees right now. I say there is 6 to 8 inches around the building here and if you are going to ride today make sure you are bundled up extra warm. Sled traffic was light around town here yesterday and I heard from people out on the trails. From the sounds of things there is more snow to the west as usual. I still havent put my plow on but its getting close to time to do it. I had minus 4 at my house this morning but not that much new snow there since sunday night as I could still see my sled tracks from where I pulled in sunday night. I think this coming weekend is going to be very busy just from the calls I have had and even last night I had 3 calls on my rental cottage and that hasnt happened in a long time….times like this I could use more than one cottage but there hasnt been to many calls lately on it. The snow makes the difference. Please remember to be aware of your surroundings and ride safely. There were 3 deaths this past weekend that I know of and it wasnt even busy out there. I dont know what is up with the DNR fatality report this year as they dont have anything posted yet but I think it is pushing 10 killed already. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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