Windy & a new 3 or 4 inches

Its windy and 3 or 4 inches of white fluff this at noon and 15 degrees. Still no where near enough to call it rideable conditions even though I have heard of sleds out there on the trails. I had to show a house up past the hide away yesterday at starvation lake¬†and couldn’t believe when I pulled up to the bar that there were 8 sleds setting there. I went in and talked to the guys and they were from Indiana and they confirmed what I have been saying about it being beyond extra slick out there from the ice underneath. It is still along ways from it being time for the groomers to come back out. This lake effect¬† snow looks good but we still need system snow. So as of right now I give the trail ratings very poor. Pic below is from Starvation Lake at the Hide away yesterday. I know I have several readers that have been following me for the 21 seasons I have been writing this. Hard to believe but 18 years ago I kept counting down for the birth of Baby Sledhead and today was the day just 18 short years ago that our baby Haley was born. That same day there was a horrific sled wreck right here in Frederic. That night at the hospital as Haley was born I didn’t know it at the time but the rider that had hit the truck and I thought he was dead. Well John pulled thru that accident (unbeleiveably) so I always think of him on Haleys Birthday and his new birthday. Happy Birthday to Haley….couple pics of her from that night. I had to bless her with a couple coneys from the corner bar. I don’t think we would like to see any pics of John from that night. Thanks for checking in and lets hope the snow keeps falling. PeteIMG_0947 IMG_0958 IMG_0957 IMG_0959

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