Why does it have to snow downstate?

Why does it have to snow downstate when we really would love to have it here in the great white north? All kinds of reports of storms and snow everywhere but where it really should be. Its 20 out this morning again and no new snow. They say the cold is coming but where the heck is the snow? Sled traffic was lite in Frederic for a Saturday unlike the cop traffic which is way to heavy. There is never a officer in Frederic all summer but boy come winter they are here way to much. I have no problem with them doing their job but the biggest issue here is the railroad tracks. Sure they give warnings to plenty of riders which is great but if the fence ran all the way to the corner like it does on the west side of the tracks then it wouldn’t be that much of an issue. 99.9 percent of the riders that do it do not know they are doing anything wrong and I would think education from the state when you get a new registration could help. The old saying of ignorance of the law is no excuse. Please stay away from the tracks as far as you can. If you are even on the side of the hill in the ditch across from here that is considered railroad trespass and can get you a ticket. I do have to say at least they have given out a lot of warnings and sometimes they have to deal with people who are not cooperative. I stopped a guy the other day and told him about not being up there and he started to get loud with me. I was just trying to help the guy out before he did get a ticket. So enough of that for now. Trailer counts this morning were 5 at the Days Inn and 4 at the Ramada. Frederic EMS was called out to a sled accident yesterday where the life flight helicopter had to be called in. Frederic Fire Department has a top notch response team and ambulance service so if you do get into trouble out there you will have the best there is helping you out. Thanks for checking in. Pete    Here is a link to video from yesterday   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UztfIazhJXc


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