Why does everyone else get the big storms?

Why does everyone else get the big storms? Even though we have had the “perfect storm” with plenty of snow and more than we have had in years to give us our “snowmobilers heaven” that you can mostly only dream about or get way out west,, downstate Michigan and states south keep getting hammered when I would love to see us get some more. Its a nice cold 9 degrees here at Lake Margrethe this morning with not a flake of new snow everywhere. I went for a nice ride out of Frederic yesterday up to starvation lake to the hide away with Rob & Mo. Trails were perfect and we even found a nice field of untouched 2 feet deep powder to play in and for Rob to get stuck in. Then up to the the hide away for lunch. We were sitting in there waiting for our burgers, (it was $2 burger day) and there was another table full of guys in there and I could hear them talking, guess what they were talking about, yup it was the mountain man….he sure is the talk of the north right now. I have my sled loaded up on the trailer and plan on riding today too. I have a plan but not sure if its going to come together yet. All I know is I am going to ride somewhere today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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