Where the heck is everybody?

Where the heck is everybody. It was a very strange Saturday as it was very slow here in Frederic. I have seen way worse conditions than what we have now with way more riders than what we had. Even this morning the trailer counts reflect no one here with zero trailers at Days Inn and only 7 at the Ramada, but it is what it is so the riders that are here have less sleds to share the trails with. There was no new snow overnight. Not 2 seconds after I did my updated report yesterday about the Alabama boys probably coming in they walked in the door. Then last night as I drove thru Grayling I came up with them at the light as they were turning to head back to Alabama. They said they will be back again this week. I need to take that road trip with them some time. The train came thru town here yesterday with the big state police emblem on the side of it and there was a news story on about it last night, here is a link to it. http://www.9and10news.com/story/27993206/operation-life-saver-busts-snowmobilers-illegally-riding-railroad-tracks   I have a sheet here to pass out that tells the rules about the rail road if you want to pick one up when you come. Below I am putting a picture of the stud boy rig that pulled into Sturgis to say hi on their way to Deadwood. It was good timing as we were just walking out the door to head home when they pulled up. Also a pic of 2014 Sturgis hats that I brought back here to sell at a really good price, $6 each or 2 for $10. They are in here on the shelf……Also most importantly today is my baby Haleys 15th Birthday. Time flies and it seems like yesterday she was born. Happy Birthday Haley!! That’s it for today, I am thinking I might go for a small ride around the area here shortly….Thanks for checking in. Pete

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