Where can I legally ride my side by side or atv?

Where can I legally ride my side by side or at? That seems to be almost a daily question to me. The biggest problem I see with that is that each person or law enforcement person has their own opinion on where or how you can do it. I  see many machines coming into Frederic and most of them are coming in on the sled trails. I am pretty sure you aren’t supposed to do that especially on the trail from Frederic to Gaylord but if you go look at the trail it is solid tracks from machines. Luckily things do not seem to be enforced as bad as they do in the winter time here. With the explosion of side by sides and atv’s I am certain this is going to become more of a topic. Last week I saw a DNR officer getting gas in Grayling so I pulled in to ask him. His response was he didn’t know as he worked in Grand Rapids. I would guess the most likely place to find the rules is somewhere in www.mich.gov    I certainly would welcome feedback and input from riders on this. It seems to be very confusing, 48, 52, 60, 72 inch machines with different restrictions for different trails. Two different trail permits, one for the sides of the roads and one for the trails…..It will be interesting to see the changes coming on this as I am sure there will be some.

Other than that all is well in Frederic, on Thursday last week I noticed that the snow pile that I put pictures on in my last couple of posts had finally melted, mostly thanks to the heavy rain last week. Still cool temps for the most part and mushrooms have been very scarce so far this year. I have a feeling that its not going to be a good mushroom season. The Harleys are starting to roll thru town more and more and I would expect to start seeing horses soon too at the Swamp and the Frederic Inn. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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