Whats it Gonna Do?

Well we had a nice 5 to 6 inches of new snowfall overnight, a nice thick snow to boot. To bad there is rain intermitingly coming down. If you coulf ride today between the drizzles it would be great to be out there. I spotted the Grayling Groomer heading north on the trail by the high school and talked to Kieth and he said he is heading out the other way with the other groomer shortly. Depending on what happens with the temps this drizzle might help. Its gonna be a roller coaster of weather again until wednesday night when it should start cooling down. What a great weekend for all that were here and there were alot of you thruout all of the north. I dont think I have ever had as many trucks and trailers parked out back as there was this weekend. Reports of alot of police around and people being checked and once again I will remind people to STAY AWAY FROM THE RAILROAD TRACKS I saw several sleds riding next to the tracks right into frederic and weather you know it or not they dont care and its almost a $300 trespass ticket. Its not just Frederic but anywhere in michigan so stay away. The other place you dont want to ride is the big potatoe fields along 131 near jordan valley, thats the same ticket. I put together a video from this weekend and here is a link to it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICl4y9oQSl4   I have more video from earlier in the week but that will be later on. Also putting a pic below that Darrel Thayer took up at the bridge. He said that was the best ride to the bridge he has ever had…Thanks for checking in. Petebridge darrel

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