Whats gonna happen this week?

Thats a good question on what this week will bring, I think we have to take it one day at a time. Its cloudy and about 32 out there right now and there have already been sleds in today. Sunday was another great day for riding around Frederic and for the first time in a couple years Cathy and I went forĀ a ride together. We rode around town here and then ended up at Starvation Lake. A nice ride and along the way we can along a possum on the trail which of course I got video of. Also I see my sledheads sign is still in the tree which surprised me and even thought someone has claimed the night at the Ramada its still worth a shirt. Also there is counterfeiting going on out there as a guy brought in a sign he found nailed to a tree on the trail. It was a wood sign in marker with Sledheadsusa.com on the front and winner on the back. And on the side they wrote psych….I give you a A for effort and I gave the guy that brought in the sign a sledheads decal. The ride Cathy and I took was 40 miles and it was still pretty nice out there. I am still hoping we can make it 6 good weekends in a row….MO MO NAH CHEE CHEE NAH……..Thanks for checking in. Pete

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