What the World Needs Now is Love

First of all I want to send out Happy Birthday to Carter Klemish who turns 12 today and he is excited to get his snowmobile safety certificate. Secondly there is no need to talk about snowmobiling because things continue to slide downhill, its 36 out right now and I saw on the weather that both friday and saturday are calling for above 50, so I will leave it at that.

I am going a different direction today and just gonna ramble. I had the oldies station on at home this morning and the song came on while I was going thru old papers. I know alot of you out there are about my age but there are alot of young readers out there too. The song What the world needs now is love came onĀ and it just made me think about how much simpler things used to be. I started delivering papers for the free press when I was 9 in 1967. The only things most people were worried about were hippies with long hair and maybe ladies with skirts to short. Now you have to get searched wherever you go, everybody carries guns and the news is covered with horrible stories. I found a bunch of old cards from my girls when they were just little ones and that brought back alot of happy memories and also made me think about how time flies by so fast. Even the fact that I have been writing this for fifteen years seems to have gone by in an instant. It was nice just hearing the oldies from the good old days and just thinking back. Well enough of that, now back to real life so its back to watching the snow melt……Thanks for checking in. Pete And a whole lot of snow chants wouldnt hurt either along with more love in the world.. I did see one sled riding in frederic last night about 9 when I left here. I guess when you ride at night you cant tell how bad things really are.

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