What Happened to the Good Old Days?

What happened to the good old days when a winter storm meant a foot or two of snow…..while it still been snowing and blowing and there are some 2 and 3 foot drifts outside of Sledheads in Frederic but there are 3 inches in spots and still spots with no new snow on them too……we had about 2 inche of new snow on our front porch at lake margrethe and from what I read on Johns report for downtown starvation lake they have more like a foot over there. Still a good way to get things started so I guess I shouldnt whine to bad. Riders were few yesterday and reporting icy conditions in some area. Its 7 out right now and the wind is stiff. I thought I would do a trailer count this morning and it was 2 at the Days Inn and 12 at the Ramada so thats a fair amount for mid week. It look like its going to go up to 30 some for the weekend but I think its gonna be another decent weekend to ride. I am still hoping to break away from here and get a ride in myself somewhere. Also seeing that no one has still come in with the winning picture of them and the Mountain Man with his tomahawk I am going to add another way to win the night at the Ramada Inn. Somewhere within 5 miles of sledheads just off the trail I am going to hang a small sledheadsusa.com sign on a tree about 5 feet off the ground and on the back of it its gonna say winner. Bring that in to me and you get the night at the Ramada or bring me the pic of you and the mountain man and you get it. I only have one night to give away so first one gets it. I never did see the pennsylvania boys come in that asked me if I was the mountain man…..and the answer to the picture below is yes. Thanks for checking in. Pete got snow

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