what a day…..

What a day, beautiful out, nice and clear and lots of wildlife. Started out from Fort Nelson this morning heading out across the Canadian Rockies. First thing I saw was a big black spot up ahead on a hillside and sure enough it was a black bear. Saw so much today, mountain sheep, mule deer, caribou, and lots and lots of buffalo. The buffalo had many young ones with them. I talked to one guy that said he saw a mountain lion. I have wanted to drive the Alaskan Highway for a long time and finally it is coming true but I discovered today that I do not set my goals high enough. As I rounded a curve I came up on a guy walking pulling a small cart behind him. Now this road is 2 lane for 1500 miles with very few places with a business let alone a place to stop. I pulled up along him and said hi and asked him if he was out for a morning walk. He was happy to stop and talk but his broken English came thru as he said he was from Japan. He said he started walking a month ago in Dawson Creek at the start of the highway and is walking to Fairbanks. I wish I would have got his name but wow what a walk. I figured he is almost a third of the way when I saw him .I need to think bigger. Also stopped at a natural hot springs which was a great stop, very warm and it just comes out of the ground. The heat seemed to fluctuate and sometimes almost to hot. So here I am in Watson Lake, only 300 miles from where I started this morning. I am going to try to get up early and maybe make it a bit further tomorrow. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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