Well that didn’t take long for someone to die

img_2852 img_2857 img_2863 img_2868 img_2869 img_2870Well that didnt take long for someone to die. You know I am constantly on here preaching about riding safelty but its already started now with the death of a rider on the first snow of the year. It happened down in Norman Township near Wellston. I know everyone gets excited to get out there for a ride but it only takes a second to end your life. Last year there were 24 or 25 deaths. Keep this man from friday in mind when you get out there. I posted a couple videos on my facebook Sledheads page yesterday which really got passed around. I was out at the parking lot west of Grayling about 8:30 yesterday morning when 3 trucks and trailers from saginaw came pulling in. They unloaded and were off but as I figured you could hear there skis going right to the dirt. We were open all day but not one sled rode into the shop but there were a few in town. I still stand by my story that its to early to ride yet and we need base which is what most of the comments say from my videos from yesterday. Only a quarter inch of new snow fell overnight and this morning I am coming at you from the Crowne Plaza hotel in The D right across from Cobo Hall. I came down yesterday with my daughter and we are heading to a school basketball game to be played and then to a pistons game. This hotel computer wont let me upload pics but will try off my phone. Of course I have to hit a few coney places while I am here to. Thanks for checking in. Pete and PLEASE RIDE SAFELY.    sorry bout pics at top, snuck them in there off my phone……

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