well slap my hand

christmas beagleWell Slap my hand and call me a slacker. It was late yesterday afternoon as I was on my way up to Gaylord I remembered that I had not put an update on for sunday. Its not to often that I forget but I guess I was to involved in raking up leaves in my yard and doing stuff around the house while there was no snow on the ground…..so you didn’t miss a thing but overnight we had about 3 inches of snow, just a little better than light fluffy stuff it does have a little mass to it. The weather is supposed to stay cold all week so maybe we can start getting a base started. Its about 20 outside right now. Still a ways to go before we have good enough conditions for a nice ride.Just for grins I am putting a picture of the Christmas beagle below here.¬†Thanks for checking in. Pete







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