Well its finally here

Well its finally here, the end of the 2015-16 riding season. Today is the last day but there is a bright side to the story, the trail permit you bought for your sled is still good thru September 30, just in case we get another touch of winter before then. It certainly was a short and not so sweet winter. Some riders got in some decent mileage like Ed in Grayling that I talked to and he said he was up over 6000 miles…..that’s a lot of riding. I think myself I made it to 6 or 700 miles. All in all I had some good rides and the best one was from Frederic up to Strongs to the Clarke Motel and back. Had a great time up there with Patti and Andy and my riding partner Jimmy Jones. Also had a good ride this winter with Jims riding partner Mark Nugent. So you have to take what you can get. Before you know it we will be waiting on the first snow again and it will be time to do the snow chants and ride again. I am coming at you this morning from a campground in Williamsburg Virgina as we left home last Friday¬†and headed down to west Virginia and on to Shenandoah National Park for some mountain top camping and then on to Luray Caverns and on to where we are at now as Haley wanted to go to Jamestown. Lots of history here. Heading off to Norfolk and Virginia Beach today Thanks for stopping in to visit this winter and I will try to put some type of update on here every couple weeks thru the summer. Pete

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