Well its finally here BUT,,,,,,

We have all been waiting for the time when December first actually came and that we could actually start riding on the first day of the trails being officially open. Unfortunately today wont be that great day as it was 34 overnight and it has made things pretty sloppy. I really don’t know if anyone will come out or not, but there isn’t much we can do about it. I did see a report online yesterday from Grand Marais saying that there were already sledders there and some were riding already. Me on the other hand I guess its time for us to head back home and I will be back in good old Frederic in the morning. Thank goodness I haven’t heard anything from my beagle sitter so that is good. She was being pretty unstable when we left. Sometimes I wonder how long she is going to make it. Yesterday was our culture day as we went to the Art Museum and to see Elf the musical last night. Thanks for checking in and think snow……

buddy elf

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