Well at least its white out


Joe Snowmbile showing us how to park at the end of the night on the Darkside Adventures trip

Well at least its white out this morning here in downtown Frederic. Snow is falling as I type and we have a whopping new 1/2 inch (if I stretch it) of new snow overnight. Weather man says we are going to get a little bit more but we will see how that pans out. Conditions are still ultra slick and dangerous especially on dirt roads and trails. If we were to get 4 or 5 inches of new snow that would  bring some riders out but this is my WARNING TO YOU and I have been saying this the past few days. Trails underneath will be VERY DANGEROUS WITH ICE so if it gets to a point where you or someone you know wants to try it please let them know. I have not ever seen it this slick out there. So enough of that for now and maybe the snow will add up a little.The Darkside Adventures crew are down to 4 nights to go on their ride and I have enjoyed following their journey. At least someone is have fun. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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