A big Sledheads WELCOME to the Polar Vortex that they claim is coming our way. I sure hope so along with a big bunch of white stuff. It will be interesting to see if this really pans out but I can handle a little bit of cold and snow. So other that that we have had some flurries on and off here in Frederic in the past week or so. Last Friday I missed my first Halloween in Grayling since the girls were born. Not as much fun as when they were young. I headed off with my camper to Bois Blanc Island to look for Big Don as usual and as usual I did get a picture of him on my game camera in the middle of the night but never saw a thing during the day. I did get a shot at a partridge and after I shot and it flew off I thought to myself darn I just wasted a ten dollar arrow but as luck would have it I dead centered a little pine tree and got my arrow back. But as always it was a nice and quiet time on the island and even my brother Alex came and stayed with me for one night. Now just back to normal work and things around Sledheads. I turned into Spikes a few days ago to go deliver some hats and a truck pulled up along side me in the parking lot and it was none other than the Mountain Man himself. He saw me driving thru town and said he had been on his way to see me up here. He says he is still sucking air and all is well at Camp Mountain Man. I snapped a picture of him so here it is…I stil find it hard to believe he is driving that nice shiny red truck….So that’s about it for now, lets see how this cold weather predictions come out. Thanks for checking in….Pete


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