Wednesday Morning in Frederic

Its a snowy Wednesday morning in Frederic. We had about 5 or 6 new inches overnight here and its about 30 degrees out right now. In Grayling we only had a couple new inches overnight. Its a wet heavy snow and still what I call the one use snow. If you were here to ride on it right now you could do it but it wont last long. The snow has slowed down, earlier it was coming down wet and heavy and it would have been difficult to see but now things look better. Most of the schools that were closed today are all in the u.p. I did see one sled up on the trail by the high school when I was going home last night. I would be surprised if I saw more than a few today out there. I am still tempted to go but I also should be working…..big decision……work or sled. Here is a link to a quick video I did out front this morning. Wednesday Morning in Frederic      Thanks for checking in and maybe this is the last snow but maybe not…..Pete

IMG_0801[1] IMG_0802[1]

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