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Back to our motel in Livonia after tigers game. Here is latest from wayne on return trip from Alaska. 

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It never stopped raining while I was in Hyder.  Everyone (tourists) were all excited about the bears wandering around town looking for treats.  Got skunked on gas availability again.  Didn’t get in – in time for gas so had to wait util they opened up in the morning in Stewart B. C.. Just down the road I met Mr. Bear.  Went to shoot a photo before he went into the woods and he decided to walk right in front of the bike. Gave me the look.  Same one that I get from the Registrar of the Black Bear Bicycle Tour.  The road construction I traveled in the mud with while on the way in was all dust and gravel on the way out.  They have a rain forest East of Prince George but was not up to hiking the trail.  I have had a knot in my shoulder before leaving but it went away today for about two hours.  It was the two hours right after the bee went up my pant cuff and stung me.  Didn’t think about the shoulder once after that. 

On the first two attempts at this trip Jamie Harland said he would buy me a fish dinner if I made it back by Friday (with his eyes rolling).  Now he has jumped ship to the Grayling Restaurant.  Jaremy Bowers (Spikes – The Meeting Place of the North) stepped up and said if I am back in a week (no eyes rolling) – free fish dinner.  Its still a little early with miles to go – but it could be a free fish dinner before 9:00 on Friday.
Except for a few issues the trip is going well.  Can’t believe how fast the Canadians are driving or I am slowing down.
South to Grayling
End Polio Now
Wayne Koppa
McBride, B.C.


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