We were doing well………

We were doing well yesterday as we made it thru most of the day with no rain. Then at about 4 in the afternoon it started and then it rained hard for a couple hours. This morning its 19 degrees and its pretty hard, stiff and rutty out there. Kind of like it was a couple weeks ago. No new snow and I wont believe anything till I see it on the ground myself. This is my 20th season in Sledheads and I am having a flashback to my first year in here. Valentines Day weekend there was zero snow anywhere here in Frederic and I closed and went to Munising for the weekend to go riding. Luckily that has only happened once. While we do still have a lot of snow inĀ  the woods we need snow for the trails. I wish I had better news. Only a few sleds out and about yesterday. I borrowed a picture from Larry Pennell who took this picture off the north west end of Bois Blanc Island. You can see the bridge in the background. That is the view he and his wife have out of their window everyday. Nice and secluded up there. Thanks for checking in. Petelarry

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