We Want New SNOW

We want new snow in Frederic……..things continued to head downhill yesterday with only a few sleds spotted over at the swamp yesterday, on the other hand here in kzoo there was a great nice new fresh heavy at least six inches of snow here. If I had a sled and could leave I would get out there. Having my snowplow with me would be a  help too. At least the temps in Frederic are cold again today. I am posting a picture below here that shows Sledheads late yesterday afternoon. Sure looks dirty and ugly out there and the next picture is how it looks behind the house here in kzoo. Sure wish this would have fallen up north. Also a shout out to Ben Kuiper who is also in kzoo and he gave me a call the other day, I went over and saw him and dropped him some of my big color sledheads post cards. I still need to get him some decals like he wants. Thanks for checking in. Pete

photo ResizedImage951394565796568

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