We had a skiff of new snow

Overnight we were lucky enough to get a skiff of new snow. How much is a skiff you say, I would say about a half inch. Trail were great yesterday for the few sleds that were out there. Yesterday morning┬áthe car guys from Hillsdale county stopped in on their sleds and were excited to be heading for the bridge. A couple hours later they texted me and said they only passed ten sleds with awesome conditions on the trails and they were in Mackinaw. Well its Wednesday and I am going to go for a ride myself. Not sure what I am doing yet but just heading out for a bit. Also a Happy Birthday shout out today to Bruce Young…..Also a shout out to my other newly engaged niece Amanda Kocefas who is in Chicago. She doesn’t have the snow that Boston has but was #jealous that I didn’t mention her. So I am off on my sled as soon as I get dressed……Its a nice comfy ten degrees out there..Thanks for checking in. Will post pics from the trail if I see anything exciting out there. Also my cottage is still available to rent for this coming weekend. Pete

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