we are getting closer

We had some nice snow yesterday about 3 to 5 inches and it was cold and windy, the snow kinda stopped overnight and while it was cold the snow also settled. I did hear a sled running down the alley here in Frederic yesterday but I am sure it was someone from the neighborhood and same thing at home last night a sled went by our house a few times. At the trail crossing north of the high school this morning nothing but truck tracks on it. Its six degrees out there right now with a light snow in the air. I did hear from Danny in Alabama yesterday and also Hard of Hearing Mike….oops I forgot I am supposed to call him Bad Ass Mike along with his snow bunny and they are all chompin at the bit to get up here. Heck even Jeff in ohio called in. From the looks of what I have seen online Grand Marias is the place to be and the news said Cedarville had a foot of snow fall in one hour……sure wish that would happen here. So that’s where we stand right now, Tuesday morning at 10:30, I know it wont be long until sleds start getting out there so please remember to ride safely. Last year the first snowmobile death was on December 22, It sure would be nice to see a season with out any fatalities. I don’t like bringing this up but you just have to remember it only takes a split second to go from fun to not so fun. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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