Wayne Arrives in Prudhoe Bay

Six days after leaving Grayling on his motorcycle Wayne arrived last night in Prudhoe Bay. He is a Wildman, He did the whole 5 to 600 mile haul road just on yesterday. Now he can rest up before he takes off for Key West , remember this is a fundraiser for polio and any funds raised have matching funds of 5 dollars for each dollar donated, so 100 dollars instantly becomes 600 dollars…. Below are Waynes last 2 updates….here is a link to donate   http://www.razoo.com/story/Coast-To-Coast-The-Hard-Way         Was not a long riding day (648 miles) but did not get the tires and oil changed until after 10:00 PM which I think is 3:00 AM your time.  I think your all about to get up as I write this.  The guy that sells/ changes tires and does minor maintenance work does it in an immaculately organized house garage (and get this) does it 24 hours a day based on when you want it done.  We of course had a great discussion and after he could see that I was not responding as fast as earlier he finished up and I headed to McDonalds and the dorm.

From Destruction Bay to the Alaska state line it is really a challenge for the cars with the permafrost tearing up the road.  If your towing a trailer your toast.  You can only crawl along when you get to a rough spot.  The permafrost runs like snakes below the pavement so you don’t have just holes you have long sqiggley holes.  Then again if your on a highly agile motorcycle you can thread the needle (per say) and hammer along.   Overall the road is better than when Marcia and I made the trip a few years ago, but still pretty challenging.   The wind was from the south and strong enough to pick up my cup full of coffee and empty it on the bike.  The bike is so dirty it was just a matter of wiping some of the coffee off the seat and heading out.
Had a big big moose today but couldn’t get a photo before it went back into the tree line.  It had to weigh more than 800 pounds.  Otherwise a couple black bear here and there.
I am staying at the University of Alaska tonight, in a dorm room.  BMW riders are notorious cheapskates.  This small little dorm room at $40.00 is a bargain up here.  I will be able to speak in the future about my time at U of A.
If I have to sign up for a class as part of the deal I am signing up for the Assertiveness Workshop.
Tomorrow the Haul Road.
Today at 8:08 AM
Got in late yesterday and took a nap and that was it.

I will send more in a few hours.
The Haul Road exceeded my expectations in every way.  Just incredible.
Everything from smooth pavement to super fast narrow fireroad with shear drop off shoulders with rapid elevation changes.
Had temperature in the 70’s to 32 degrees in 2 inches of soupy mud the last 40 miles.
If you don’t think you are riding at the ends of the earth – I would like to know where else you have been riding.
Its 4:00 AM here.
Talked, rode with people on motorcycles, bicycles and cars from Texas, State of Washington, New Jersey, California, Slovenia, Belgium, France and Argentina.
As I slid into Prudhoe at 10:00 PM there was a young kid on a huge KTM taking a selfie in front of the Prudhoe Bay sign. Asked him if he had reservations and he said “no I am headed back”.  We were covered in a freezing fog, he turned and headed south.
Picked up $30.00 in cash donations that I will add to the web site for the June 20th match.
End Polio Now.
More later.
Deadhorse Alaska
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