Warmer than I would like to see it

Its 35 at 11:19 on Friday morning here in beautiful downtown Frederic and that is warmer than I would like to see it. It was much sunnier earlier and thankfully at least for now its cloudy out. 35 and cloudy is way better than 35 and sunny. Only time will tell how things work out. Riders that were in here yesterday were still reporting great trails but this time of year things can change in a hurry. Counting this weekend there are still 4 more weekends of riding so lets keep our carbides crossed that we can make it thru that. Several riders and sleds out so far this morning. Trailer counts at the Days Inn was at 2 and then 12 at the Ramada this morning. I am putting a panoramic picture below that I took last weekend here and then here is a link to a video I shot this morning of the train passing thru Frederic, I just wanted to show everyone that the train really does come thru here everyday, up and back from Gaylord. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-m7XXU77M8    I got back home from kzoo last night about 11, one great thing about spending time with my mom down there is we have got to watch many old time movies on TMC and then everyday in the afternoon we have been watching Gunsmoke and Bonanza. So on to work and playing catch up here in Frederic. One other thing I haven’t mentioned on here all winter is my rental cottage at Lake Margethe that we rent by the night or weekly. We were full with it thru February but now it is up for rent again, we have riders coming in for this weekend and during next week but then it is available again. So if you are looking for a nice place to stay click on the tab up above that says Wayside Inn Cottage…Thanks for checking in. Pete

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