Waiting for snow again

Waiting for snow again. The wait is on again as we really need a good refresher of new snow now. There was a slight dusting of white overnight but not enough to even count. Riders were few and far between on sunday but there was one group that came in that had rode here from Lewiston. One of them had a 2.5 inch paddle and I asked him how he was keeping it cool. He said it was a terrible ride. I felt bad for those guys. Not much else but I do have a new best friend named Tony. He was in twice on Saturday, he is 90 years old and at first he came in for two belts. Then a couple hours later he was back for oil. We got to talking and joking around and he said would you believe my mother is still alive? He said she is still going at 107.  I wonder if he was taking her riding. That’s it for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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