Waiting for a storm

Its Monday afternoon in Kalamazoo, My girls were all here over the weekend, Cathy, Haley and Melissa who just returned home from Germany. I got Haley and Melissa set up to work at the Motorcycle swap meet at Wings stadium yesterday and they had fun there. They went back home yesterday afternoon and Cathy told me as she drove by the west parking lot by Dingmans she was surprised at how white the woods looked along with the trails plus a few trailers parked there. She also said there were 5 or six sleds at Dingmans. Now this morning and overnight it was another near zero temp night so things are rock hard with not much lube out there. If it stayed cold and we got a little more snow it would be o.k. to ride again. Sled traffic was fair in Frederic on sunday but I think things are pretty well down to off trail until we get some snow for lube. So that’s the story for now. I have 2 pics I am posting from early sunday morning of the moon setting on the Mackinaw Bridge taken again from Larry on BBI. He sure takes great photos. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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