Two months to go

Two months to go before the official opening of the 2016-17 sled season. Who knows what it will bring. It Friday night and just about hours till the start of this years quest for Big Don. Bow season is here again, bad part is its looking like its going to be a little rainy. I might not tough it out but I might not. Still ready to just spend time in the woods with mother nature. Last weekend I went for a great motorcycle ride thru the u.p. Started near Hessel and then off to Pickford, the Soo, Brimley, Strongs, and a stop to visit my friend the Bulldog in Engadine and then back to Strongs for a nice night at the Clark Motel. In the morning I was off to Paradise and I have to say that town is looking pretty empty with the Yukon being closed up. From there on to Newberry, McMillan for breakfast at the EAT place I have always want to eat at and then to Helmer, Curtis and a stop at the snowmobile museum in Naubinway which is well worth the stop. From there on to St Inace where Cathy picked me up after a great 354 mile ride, now if I could just do that on my sled this winter. Below are some pics of the Yukon in Paradise and the Newberry groomers outside their groomer barn. That’s about it for now, thanks for checking in.

img_2433 img_2434 img_2435 img_2436 img_2437 img_2438fred2


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