Tuesday Morning Frederic

Got here at 9 this morning, lite snow in the air and it looks like it was way to warm yesterday as the parking lot is mostly hard ice. Things really firmed up, its 26 out right now. Winter weather advisories are out for most of northern Michigan but they only come up to the west county lines of both Crawford and Otsego counties so who knows if we will get snow. Fresh groomer marks on the grayling trails this morning but again I think its pretty hard we could use some new snow on them, checked trail 7 from Gaylord and while it didn’t look bad I didn’t see any recent marks from the groomer. Only had a few people in here this morning so far but none on sleds. I rolled back into home from Chicago¬†early this morning a little after midnight. Ran into a lot of snow falling down by kzoo but after that it dried out again. Right now the snow that is falling lightly in Frederic is coming from the north and I like that part. Its now almost 11 a.m. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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