Trails Officially Open for 2012-2013 Season

Hard to believe but its finally here. To bad there is nothing exciting to report like its warm and misty out and no chance of any riding going on. Monday supposed to be 50s and then after that back to cold. Besides the trails being open today its also the restart to Bow Season so that gives me a chance to get back out and try to locate Big Don. My luck with that is as good as our luck with the past few winters. Yesterday Scott and his daughter from Mattawan stopped in at frederic for a visit. I wrote down his daughters name but am at home and dont have it with me so sorry young child. I am most likely going to head up to frederic for a while today. The past few years I have said I open for the season when the snow flies as traffic in frederic is very slow when things are snowless. Thanks for checking in and please remember when we do get snow to Please Ride Safely. Pete Here is another old video and maybe we can all do the chant and get the snow flying.


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