Trail 4 Reopened! Great News

This is Great NEWS!
BREAKING NEWS: Snowmobile Trail #4 reopens in Otsego and Antrim counties

With new landowner agreements in place, Snowmobile Trail #4 in Otsego and Antrim counties has reopened, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced today.

The trail had been closed for a short time between Old-27 Highway and Lakes of the North; the reopening is effective immediately.

Trail #4 is a major east/…west trail connecting trails in the Gaylord area with the Jordan Valley and Blue Bear trails. Complications with landowner permissions that allow the designated trail to run contiguously through public and private land had led to the temporary closure, but negotiations between the DNR, local snowmobile clubs and generous private landowners have allowed the trail to reopen.

Snowmobilers are asked to respect the sensitive nature of private landowner agreements that allow the state to have a connected snowmobile trail system by staying on designated trails and following all operating rules and regulations.

For more information about Snowmobile Trail #4, contact Gaylord Management Unit fire supervisor Donald Klingler at 989-732-3541.

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