tonight should be my 2 seconds of fame

Reminder that on tonights episode of Full Throttle Saloon at 9 on true tv.  I should be in it somewhere, you wont miss me in my body web…and I hope the camera doesnt make me look fat…… also here is johns report from the kalkaska groomer this morning…….

The snow event has turned out to be a good one,if thats what you wanted.We have about 8″ new here at suburban starvation lake and its comming down at about 1.5″/hr. Another 4-8 of le tonigt and tomorrow in the forcast.My nieghbor was out on the bear rideing and saw the 8120 going south around noon,and then going north on the west side about4pm. He started out panning 2-3 inches this morning but it got so out of hand this afternoon that he was haveing trouble finding the trail! Its getting to the point here at the house that I dont have anywhere to stack it.The stacks down by the mule barn are 15-18 feet wide and about 8 feet high. I took a couple pics at the house a few minutes ago so you can get an idea of whats happening.One is a little blurry because I shot thru a window.

Off trail and on trail should be outstanding by friday.
,,,,,                                              john
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