Toast, that’s pretty much what we are heading for. I did see 2 sets of sleds riding thru Frederic yesterday and both of them running the side of 27 which I couldn’t believe. Weather forecast looks like its going to melt off again. I looked back at my notes from last year and there was not any riding after March 7. Looks like we are beating that by a couple weeks this season. I did go riding three times at the beginning of April. I have seen stranger things happen before but we just have to wait and see. I am going back to what I said last week and update when something happens. Was it just me or last night as I was watching the Oscars that everytime they flashed on the stage from up above it looked like the marking on the stage was a big Polaris star. That’s what it made me think of every time I saw it. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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