To Warm and Sunny

Its to warm and sunny out today and supposed to be the same again tomorrow and I think its gonna hurt. Hard to tell if there is any hope of trails being left by this coming weekend. Even as late as yesterday afternoon riders were still reporting really good conditions. The Alabama boys were in on Saturday and said they were having a good ride and were hoping to make it back one more time yet this season. My rental cottage is available this coming weekend if anyone is thinking of coming up. One story I have been wanting to write is Snow Bunny Down. A few weeks ago she had an incident with a stump and wiped out the front left side of her sled and got a small bruise on her leg. She is fine and her sled is repaired and she got some good use out of it this weekend. Below is a pic of her smacked up sled and the small bruise on her leg. Thanks for checking in. From Pete at Sledheads of Kalamazoo………

021414164405 snow bunny down

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