To Ride or Not?

To Ride or Not? That is the big question on everybodys mind. It is now 2:15 Thursday afternoon. I talked to Keith from Fays Motel who is also the head groomer driver for the Ausable Valley Snowmobile association to ask him his take on the trails as I am still in Kalmazoo. He is rating trails as fair with very hard but flat trails. Any roads that are dirt and had ice on them are now dirt. The trails need some lubrication on them so if we had a little snowfall that would help with that and cooling. In the woods if you break thru the snow that is there you could have a great time off trail. There has not been any sleds into Sledheads today or yesterday. My prediction is that there will still be some riders out there this weekend as the season kinda gets wrapped up. I would bet money though that we will get at least one more storm before the end of the month but you are going to have to be there to be able to get out and enjoy it. Kind of like the storm that hit Kalamazoo yesterday, my brother did go out for a ride yesterday on the Kal Haven trail and he is going for another ride today. I am going to paste Keiths report from today below here. Thanks for checking in. Pete   News from Grayling area………       I’m sure that many of you are wondering if we have anything left for the final hoorah this coming weekend and the answer to that is yes although the conditions aren’t quite what we had during weekends past.   Yesterday the high in the sky March Sun was on full blast with virtually no cloud cover to be seen and it did take a toll, not a death blow but definitely… a toll on the trails and especially on all of the County roads that connect the various trail segments. A good example of that is Lewiston Grade behind us which is shot, however you can trailer to the parking lot and ride all day on and off the trail but you can’t get to Lovells to get gas and food without enduring a bunch of bare roads.   Bottom-line is I’m calling the trails fair, there’s still snow on most of each segment, but you will see stretches that were once snirt that now are probably dirt. A ride able situation but far from the Good to Very Good status we had just a week or so ago.   In looking at the long range weather forecast it would seem that this deal is about to come to another close which I will do next Tuesday.  If you do come up plan on having to feel your way around here and there and I believe that it’s doable just not what we’ve been accustomed to this year.
Ride Often and Please Be Safe,      Keith, Sandy and The Girls

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