To darn warm

Good Morning,

Coming at you from the Holiday Inn in Canton. Yesterday morning started out pretty busy and steady with Sleds in Frederic and I left there about noon to head down to The D for the Autorama. Things changed in a hurry on the riding conditions as it got up to 48 and then all the sleds disappeared along with the trails getting mushy. So thats the riding in a nutshell. Not what we want. New storm predicted for this coming week but I will believe it when I see it. So a nice trip down here and a stop at the American Coney Island along with the autorama with alot of cool cars to see. Even saw my friend Steve from Dynamic Corvettes in Saginaw. The girls want to go to IKEA this today so  after that we are heading back to the warmth of the north. Thanks for checking in and lets hope for warm weather. Pete  I tried to put some pics on here but hotel computer wont let me.


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