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I am hoping to get out for a ride myself this afternoon as its gonna be a busy weekend and I always say the weekday riding is best. Sled traffic was alot slower than I thought it would be yesterday but the ones that were in said things were great with more snow being west and north of frederic. When you are driving up this weekend be sure to tune in to 100.3 The Q to hear their new rock n roll format and my radio trails update too. They are running me 3 or 4 times a day….yesterday was what I would call a double MM day as the Mountain Man called me and checked in with me and the other MM aka Matt Melling stopped in on his way to go riding. The first MM told me he is still holed up out in his camp and that he is staying nice and warm in his camper as his wood stove keeps it well over a hundred degrees in there. The second MM, Matt showed me his new ultimate sled hauling trailer with his sleds in it along with his 4800 watt super stereo system in it….pretty cool and of course I got video of it which I will put in my next video……next below I am going to post the trail update I recieved from John who takes care of the trails west of here. Thanks for checking in. Pete…here is Johns (aka The Horny Groomer) report.

We finally got enough snow to groom.There is about 16″ in the woods which translates into 4-5 on the trails. I went out today and did a light cut on the bear and it filled and packed well.It does get thin south of cr 612 (like always) but still enough to work. Some snirty spots down there but no bare spots or ice showing thru anywhere. The cranberry lake trail is thin down to fletcher rd where the new snow dissapears,so further grooming down there will not untill the w/e. Grayling (frederic connecter) looked to have good snow but has not yet been panned or groomed.Kieth is waiting another day,hopeing for more snow,but it looked good where it joins the blue bear. Jordan valley is grooming as well and there is actually more snow up there than here. We have 3″ forcast for tonight and a couple more by the w/e so its looking pretty good.I would say that we will be slammed with sleds this w/e since its really the first generally good snow of the season. The pics were takenĀ  on the east loop of the bear between the frederic trail and cr 612. All the secondary roads look good to ride as well.

IMG_0393 IMG_0394



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