Time is Flying by

I cant believe how fast time goes by and how long its been since I have been on here. Nothing exciting to report in Frederic but we did get a little sleet a couple days ago. I was sitting in here and kept hearing things and thought my lights were making noise but it was sleet bouncing off the front windows. Lake Margrethe is busy with people getting their docks in and a few boats buzzing around. I am still without a pontoon and still looking. It sure is a bad feeling after having a boat so many years and not having one. Kind of like not having a sled…..but I have to many of them. On Monday Memorial Day I will attend like I do every year the service at the cemetery which is always a nice tribute. So that’s about it for now. Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend……P.S. if you have any friends looking to buy a place up north please send them my way. The real estate business has really been picking up this year so I am ready for more buyers…..Thanks for checking in. Pete


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