Time flies when your having fun

Back to where I have my laptop now and we are at a motel in Brookville about 150 miles north of Fort Myers. The boat left Key West last night at 5:30 and the ride back wasnt as smooth as the ride down. A few big swells but at least none of us were sick. The ferry has 4 big thursted turbine engines and burns 7,000 gallons of fuel on the 5 hour run….setting in it sounds and feels just like you are riding on a plane……We had great weather and alot of fun in the keys and my buddy Bob and his wife Pam were great hosts and tour guides. We went out fishing on the gulf side on thursday and caught alot of fish. Nothing big but many different kinds of little ones and it was a constant thing baiting the hooks……Haley was the first one to reel one in. So now its on to other things along our route north….Thanks for checking in. Pete

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